2020 ya’ll. What a year. Many people experienced job losses and losses in many other ways.

But we made it!

I know many business didn’t make it through CoVid and I’m beyond thankful that mine did! So, I wanted to give back… to give back to the NWA community (and my clients!) so I decided to do mini sessions where people could pay what they can!

These sessions were so much fun.. even though it was 85ish degrees out!

These were all taken in Downtown Bentonville 🙂

Pay as you can sessions // Downtown Bentonville

NWA rarely gets enough snow for it to stick (at least it hasn’t for years). So when it did in December of 2020, I knew I had to do a fun photoshoot!

Shoutout to Olivia for modeling and Dela Devilles (https://www.deladevillesvintage.com) for the awesome vintage jacket <3

Disco Snow