Kelsey Graduated from the UofA and wanted to have some iconic photos done by the hog fountain and in front of Old Main!

Kelsey // Senior // UofA

One day I randomly reached out to Morgan and asked her if she could model for me in Downtown Bentonville in these little pink dogwood trees. And I’m so glad I did!!

p.s. Morgan is now an awesome model living in Cali and I’m so proud of her!!!!

Spring in Downtown Bentonville // Editorial

Emma Mae. If you’ve met her then you know that she’s just sunshine. She exudes joy and will have fun with you no matter what!

These were taken the summer after Emma Mae began college. 🙂

Emma Mae Jenkins // Senior

When Sara contacted me she told me she wanted photos taken with her little red bug and then somehow with flowers… Umm.. Say no more!!

We had so much fun finding little nooks and crannies in downtown Bentonville and survived a super hot Arkansas summer day!

By the way, scroll down to see why I think Sara has as awesome taste of music!

Sara // Senior

Fun fact… These were taken in a random field beside off a main road in Bentonville!

Also Vanessa is seriously glowing in all of these.

Vanessa // Maternity

Shelby. She loves flowers, cameras, photography, and art.

Needless to say.. I think Shelby is awesome 🙂

Shelby // Senior // Downtown Bentonville

We took Lisa’s bridal photos in the spring in Downtown Bentonville.. and found this beautiful pink dogwood!

Bouquet: Matkins

Lisa // Bridal // Downtown Bentonville

Vintage blue wedding dresses and pink cars?


The dress: Opal and June

The flowers: Samanthas Garden

Location: A private home in Fayetteville, Arkansas 🙂

Blue wedding dress // Editorial

This is your sign to get your bestie or besties together and do some fun photos together!!!

Bubbles are a bonus.

Colorful dresses are a must.

& You need to listen to Spice Girls or Taylor Swift and dance some.

Friend Photoshoot // Downtown Bentonville